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Parents/Carers are respectfully reminded that for safety reasons and to allow school buses to safely access the bus bays,  dropping off and picking up of children by car is NOT PERMITTED in the Manor car park and car park access road at the start and end of the school day (08:00am - 08:45am and 3:00pm - 3:30pm)

St Peter’s Church of England Academy

Latest News & Reminders

Staffing Changes

The end of the year is a time to express our thanks to our hardworking staff and bid a fond farewell to those members of staff who are leaving us. I would also like to welcome some new staff to our school family.

We are sad to say goodbye to Year 5 teacher Mr Nardone, who is moving to Scotland and seeking new and exciting challenges. Mr Nardone has been instrumental in providing performing art opportunities to all of our children and I have had the privilege to watch some of his shows. I know that his class and all of the pupils he has worked with will miss his vitality, humour and kindness.

Mr Ashley will also be leaving St Peter’s after securing a teaching post at a school closer to home in Bedfordshire. In the time he has been with us, Mr Ashley has demonstrated a passion for teaching, care and compassion for all those he taught and a desire to support the school with our sporting accomplishments.

After her short time with us, Mrs Murray will be moving on to work with our other Trust schools. Her love of science and mathematics has enthused the pupils and staff. Her passion for sport has allowed the pupils to share in her expertise, especially netball club.

Miss Becket, our student teacher, has secured a teaching post in Milton Keynes and we wish her the very best. She has had a highly successful year at St Peter’s and we are thankful for all of her creativity and passion she has brought to lessons and the school.

We have recruited some excellent staff this term to fill the two class teacher roles. Miss Brough and Mrs Luker will be joining us in September so we will be fully staffed and raring to go. We were impressed with their interviews and teaching tasks and know they will make a significant contribution to the school in the coming years.

Mr Cowling will be changing his role in September from support staff and lunchtime supervisor, as he has successfully gained a position with a teaching school. We are very fortunate that he will be embarking on his training year with us. Mrs Levin is going to replace Mr Cowling in his lunchtime supervisor role, she is really looking forward to getting to know all of the school community.


And finally, welcome back to Miss Drew who will be returning from maternity leave at the end of this term.

A Time To Reflect

Another school year has flown by ever so swiftly. Time and again, you have shown your utmost loyalty and support to the school and all the things we stand for, and for that we are extremely grateful. It is our families’ commitment to our school that drive us to persevere in our relentless pursuit of excellence for all of our pupils. Additionally, I am very happy to report back on the successful year the Friends of St Peter’s has had in raising money for extras for the school. A huge thank you to each and every parent volunteer, you are a fantastic asset to our school.

This academic year has been an extremely positive one. As well as our pupils’ academic success, St Peter’s has received awards to celebrate our inspiring and creative curriculum. Some of our proudest achievements this year have been:

This is a testament to the hard work and determination by our staff who persevere to ensure that in-class provisions and interventions are always of the highest quality. We also take pride in our wide range of extra - curricular offers which enhance and enrich our pupils’ experiences, within and outside of, the traditional school day. Finally, we pay homage to our pupils’ commitment to excellence. They are unfazed by the challenges of an academically rigorous curriculum, and always meeting our highest expectations.

This year, the Year 6 pupil’s attainment was above the national level in writing and mathematics and the reading standards have significantly risen to national expectations, which is a huge shift on last year’s outcomes. You may have heard about, or read in the press, that this year’s tests were tough, but our children performed incredibly well. Our pupils never cease to amaze me with their dedication, their inspiring peer to peer support and by aiming to be their very best at all times. Thank you all.

This achievement is reflected across the school in Years 3, 4 and 5 with many children meeting and exceeding our expectations. The outstanding provision in English and mathematics, coupled with our high standards and belief in every single pupil, allows every child at St Peter’s to flourish.  

Causes for celebration:

These are some of the fantastic experiences that have come to mind, however there are so many other amazing curricular and extra-curricular activities that the pupils have taken part in. I must commend every single pupil for their exceptional behaviour, conduct and attitude whilst out on the variety of trips and sporting events, which makes it all worthwhile.  

At this point I would like to thank the staff of St Peter’s CE Academy for their 100% commitment to the young people in our care.  Every single member of staff wants the very best of every child and works hard every day to ensure that we uphold our ethos of success for all.  We are supported and challenged by our very committed Governing Body and Trust to ensure that this is the case each and every day.

We want to make our good school ‘great’.  We are a school family where our 12 core values challenge and support our pupils and staff to be the best that they can be. Let’s work further together in 2017/2018 to ‘Care Together, Learn Together, Succeed Together and be Thankful Together , standing proudly on the shoulders of this year’s progress and building on the pathway to excellence.

I wish all of you a great summer holiday; spend time with loved ones, laugh and smile, get out in the fresh air, strengthen friendships, try something new, take time for yourself and don’t forget children - learn how to tie your tie!

Year 6, I wish you all the very best as you move from St Peter's to Manor School and other secondary schools. You will forever be part of St Peter's family, come and visit soon!

And to all our other pupils and families, we look forward to another amazing year in September.

Mrs Folkard