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St Peter’s Church of England Academy Learning Logs


Learning logs are a unique, personalised learning resource for children. In the Learning log, your child can record their responses to learning challenges set by their teachers. A Learning log is not a record of what your child has ‘done’; it is a record that shows what they have ‘learnt’.

As the Learning log is personal, your child is given the freedom to express their understanding any way they choose. Your child will be able to use many methods to complete their enrichment projects. Please encourage your child to use their imagination in completing the tasks.

Your child may want to take or include photos, cut things out, paint, draw, colour, use ICT or use other ideas to present their ideas. It is up to them to choose; they can complete the task however they wish.

The learning task, challenge or project will be given on a Friday and be handed in the following Thursday. There may also be times throughout the school day, and after school, to work on their learning log.

There may also be some ‘Learn It Facts’ which could include phonics, spelling rules or tables.

There will be time allocated in the week to share the learning logs with each other.

Learning Log Challenges so far…

Take a look at the learning logs so far. I am so impressed by the quality, creativity and independent learning that the children are demonstrating! (click on the links below)

Some Quotes from the Children about What They Think of the Learning Logs…

Feedback (Marking) on Learning Logs

Due to the creative and open- ended nature of the tasks that the learning logs provide, we will not be formally marking them.

Each log is a unique record of the child's thinking and learning. There is no right or wrong answer – we are driving to develop a more independent learner.  At times there may be thoughts or suggestions noted by teachers, classmates or your child’s own reflections but not necessarily a weekly ‘mark’.

So how will the learning logs be assessed or acknowledged?

We will be celebrating the learning logs during the week. This may include a ‘gallery’ where children share their learning challenges. This motivates those who have not challenged themselves, and the children love the praise they get from their classmates. Children may also receive merits, stickers and other rewards for exemplary ideas; they will also be chosen to share their learning logs in assembly and to our school community on our web site or at open days.

Any feedback on the learning logs and challenges would be thankfully received.

Mrs Folkard.

This may be in class assemblies, achievement assemblies and even sharing them on our web site!

Giving children freedom allows them to think creatively and promote independent learning. This level of freedom acts as a great motivator for children as they begin to collaborate with their peers, start to share ideas and understanding.