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In order to do well in your SATs tests (Standard Assessment Tests), you must first have a good knowledge of the information that is being tested. You must also have a good strategy for taking the tests. This allows you to show what you know. This brief guide will hopefully give you some useful tips to help you create a good test strategy.

Test Instructions:

Test instructions are very important, so read them carefully. Ask your teacher to explain any test instructions that you do not understand. A good score in the test is achieved only by following the instructions properly. If you don't follow the instructions, you won't be able to demonstrate what you know.

Look At The Test Paper:

Examine the entire test sheet first so that you can get an idea of what is involved and what you will have to do. You should then be able to break it down into parts more manageable for you.

When you have finished looking over the whole test paper, decide how much time you will spend on each item. If an item has different points, plan to spend the most time on items that count for the most points. Good planning of your time is especially important for essay tests where you have to avoid spending too much time on one item and leaving little time for other test items.

Easiest First:

Remember to answer the items you find easiest first. If you get stuck on a more difficult item that comes up early in the test, you may not then have enough time to answer items you know later on.


If you plan your time correctly, you will have enough time to review all your test answers to make sure that they are as complete and as accurate as possible. Also make sure you review the test instructions to be certain you have answered everything required.

Children in year six might also like to try this BBC web site to help with their SATS Tests.

SATs Test Hints